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How to install car outlet bracket?
2019-11-30 14:16:11
The effect of the installation can be seen. The car outlet mobile phone holder is professionally designed for the owner of the car and installed at the air outlet. In order to allow the car owner to see the screen of the phone while driving the car, the hands are freed. Why there is such a product, just think about it and understand that a series of tasks such as WeChat, navigation, telephone, text messaging, etc., have been undertaken by mobile phones. Especially nowadays, Didi is fast, and many drivers will take orders while driving, so a mobile phone holder becomes an order receiving artifact.
First, you need to make an exploded view of the phone holder. In fact, such a mobile phone holder is very simple: the base + nut + bracket holder is very simple and clear.
Step points
When installing, first place the nut forward on the protruding part of the base. The protruding part of the base is similar to a ball. It will be known after use. This was originally designed to realize the rotation of the bracket and the base. Also keep in mind that the screws should be placed facing up, as shown on the picture.
After the nut is sleeved, the base of the bracket can be directly clamped on the ball, and the nut is naturally formed after being tightened. Looking at a bottom close-up, the base of the bracket is composed of springs, hooks, and telescopic switches, which can be freely retracted and straightened when pressed. In addition, the base of the bracket has a metal hook shape, that is, a hook that is stuck in the blade position. Then when installing, we must use the middle finger of the index finger to install the telescopic switch, and extend the hook into the blade of the air outlet, until it feels stuck in the blade, and then let go. Do not harden it after installation. The blade of the air outlet is relatively fragile. Too much force. In addition, if you want to take out this bracket, you must also hold the base with your index finger middle finger, and back up accordingly, so that the metal hook can be pulled out naturally.
After installation, the effect appears. There is a small detail. There is a fixed support at the base of the bracket. It is designed to prevent the bracket from shaking in the car. Then support this support on the blade. In addition, the bracket is maximized when I install it. Maximizing means that the bracket can be adjusted to adjust the size. As long as you hold down the middle spring position, you can adjust the size of the mobile phone up and down.
Install the mobile phone in. The bracket shown in the figure is suitable for about 4 inch to 6.3 inch mobile phones, which is almost the size span from Apple 4 to Apple 6plus, which is quite satisfactory.
After the mobile phone is installed, it is locked. The designer always thinks about it comprehensively. The bracket itself uses a gear-type pull-up, as long as the top of the bracket is pressed down. You heard the click of the stand. Because the bracket can rotate 360 ​​degrees, then it can be rotated at will, whatever angle you like.
Then it is relatively easy to remove the mobile phone. In order to make the use of the car more convenient, the designer uses a method that can be taken with one hand, such as the action and finger position shown in the figure, press the top of the stand with your thumb, The remaining fingers can be removed by pushing the phone out.