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Wireless charger magnetic isolation material selection
2019-05-17 09:51:27
The coil inside the single-coil free-position type charging device has a driving device that can move in a plane. It automatically detects the placement position of the terminal device, moves the coil to the position, and makes the position of the coil coincide with the receiving position of the terminal. This enables charging and improved charging efficiency. This type of design allows the terminal to be placed anywhere on the charging pad for charging. The Qi standard stipulates that the operating frequency of such a charger is 140 kHz. Since the coil needs to be moved, the magnetic separator is required to have high reliability, so the magnetic separator is generally applied with a flexible magnetic sheet produced by a casting process.
Wireless charger
The multi-coil free-position charger can simultaneously charge multiple terminals, and internally arranges a plurality of coils that cover most of the area of the charging stand. Thus, the terminal can be placed relatively freely on the charging stand, and the charger automatically selects several coils that can be efficiently transmitted to supply power. The Qi standard stipulates that the multi-coil free-position type charger operates at a frequency of 105 kHz to 113 kHz, and the magnetic isolation plate generally uses a power material having a high Bs and low loss characteristics.